Our client roster is growing in number and diversity…

At MySalarySurvey we pride ourselves on our adaptability and willingness to deliver tailored solutions, backed up by exceptional service. In fact, those words bigstock Business Chart 2703494are at the very core of what we do.

When we set out just under 6 months ago we couldn't be sure how the software would evolve, we knew that product development would be client-led but had not fully anticipated the invaluable impact of client suggestions on our road map.

We knew we had a great product – more than 18 months in the making.

We knew we had something unique and that we wanted to build our business around strong relationships and exceeding client expectations.

We knew accurate and up-to-date salary data was always in demand but often difficult to obtain, and our platform solved that problem.

But we didn’t know how different each customer would be or how quickly their ideas would morph and improve the original software design.

Our customers are……..well……..awesome! We can’t thank them enough for the impact they’ve had on our business and on the MySalarySurvey platform. They range from niche job board operators, medium sized recruitment/staffing companies, and global peer-powered networks, to multi-national, specialist recruiting brands and publishers.

The most recent addition to that list has, at its helm, a young entrepreneur with big ambitions and a refreshing insight into new trends and technologies. He’s a recipient of Durham’s Entrepreneur of the Year award and a proven business leader, with big plans for expansion and MySalarySurvey hopes to help get them there.

Our product is constantly evolving, made better by feedback from our clients and their users – our customers are literally in the driving seat and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

If a salary survey has been on your wish-list for a while but has never quite made it due to the head ache, cost or complexities associated with designing something from scratch – then we have the answer.

Whatever your business goals we’ve built a system to adapt to your needs. Whether you wish to simply operate a world-class salary survey, generate new revenue streams, or build a talent community attracting & engaging with new passive candidates, the solution is here.

If you’d like to help steer MySalarySurvey’s continued development and be the next pioneering client to become an industry leader in compensation and benefits data for your sectors, then visit www.mysalarysurvey.com or call Michael Hobson on 01302 288 121 today!

A heartfelt thanks goes out to the teams at The CMO Council, CSC Construction, Law-Staff Legal Recruitment, RED SAP Solutions, and of course GamesIndustrySalarySurvey to name just a few………thank you guys!

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