When it comes to placing SAP talent, no one delivers like RED. Bold statement right? Well now they have the only real-time salary comparison platform for SAP professionals worldwide.


MySalarySurvey is thrilled to announce its latest client site, and it’s a doozy!

Custom built exclusively for Red SAP Solutions we’re immensely proud they chose to work with us and delighted, overjoyed, on cloud nine…...you get the idea, to see their version of our system go live!


RED is the world’s leading specialist SAP resourcing company. With 15 years of experience, 9 global offices, 200+ employees and a network of contacts across the globe, RED are the partner of choice for SAP professionals looking for a new challenge, or industry employers hunting for that perfect individual or team.

As an industry leader, maintaining their competitive edge and offering new, valued services that help them stand out from the crowd is a clear challenge for such a well-established company. But one the team at RED seemingly tackle with ease! Seeking out opportunities to innovate and add value wherever they can.


That’s where MySalarySurvey comes in…


We’ve partnered with RED to provide the latest addition to their already impressive tool set. The Red SAP Salary Hub will be the foundation for a new industry knowledge hub providing dynamic, real-time compensation and benefits data instantly, alongside industry trends, news and more 24/7-365!

RED are the first to adopt our platform as an integrated service linked to their existing website, taking advantage of our modular package by incorporating our comparison engine/salary survey software and banner advertising configuration, as a sub-domain element of their digital presence.

Our clients, as always, are in the driving seat and everything single site is a tailored platform. With RED they went even further opting for a bespoke site design, custom tools, new features and industry exclusivity, guaranteeing that no other SAP recruiter can adopt our platform.

Shout out to Jeremy White and all at RED towers for truly embracing our concept and making it their own, taking both MySalarySurvey and RED’s digital service to the next level!

The RED SAP Salary Hub will launch in line with their new company website at the end of November 2016. Learn more about RED here http://www.redcommerce.com.

For more information about our platform and how it can be tailored to your business, visit www.mysalarysurvey.com or contact Mick Hobson today on +44 (0)1302 288121! 

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