Why operate a salary survey?

Most professionals involved in the recruitment & staffing industry will agree that accurate, up-to-date salary and benefits data is a valuable resource, both during the recruitment process and in recruitment planning. But why should organisations like recruiters, job board operators, niche publishers or even trade authorities operate their own survey?

A trusted niche salary survey provides a genuine USP which delivers considerable brand & strategic benefits establishing the survey operator as a recognised authority on salary/compensation data in their sector. A detailed and easily accessible survey can help to boost passive candidate/member attraction and create opportunities to work with new clients as well as being well positioned to advise current ones and the wider industry on salary benchmarking. MySalarySurvey

Google is awash with salary surveys published by recruitment professionals from all corners of the industry. But perhaps, more importantly, salary information is being searched for by thousands of internet users every day across the globe.

According to Google's Keyword Tool, each month an average of 8,100 searches are conducted by its users in the UK alone, for the term "Accountant Salary", ‘Business Analyst’ generates 2,900 searches per month, Engineer Salary produces 2,400, Graphic Designer: 1,600, Pilot Salaries: 4,400, or even Architecture Salaries at 4,400. These are just a few examples from unrelated sectors that demonstrate the level of interest in salary data.

Our research suggests users typically search for salary data on the job role, industry, or location they are currently employed in when benchmarking their remuneration. In other words, they are the passive candidates most employers are looking to attract in today’s highly competitive hiring market. Another substantial section of the search traffic is industry employers themselves - seeking accurate compensation data to achieve savings on labour costs and to negotiate pay/benefits packages from a position of strength. So, by operating a salary survey you can engage with a high-quality audience of industry professionals and employers, attracting them to your wider services and ultimately growing your business in the process.

Traditional downloadable salary surveys, or simplified online calculators which offer average figures and basic compensation data go some way to cater to the audience outlined above. To demonstrate the demand, we need only look at leading recruitment brands such as Morgan McKinley, Robert Walters, Hays, Robert Half, Douglas Scott, Hudson, and more, who have made regular salary survey production part of their service offering. Others benefitting from salary surveys include trade authorities such as ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants) and job boards like Reed.

However, not every company has the time, budget or resources to mirror the success of the brands highlighted above. This is where www.MySalarySurvey.com’s purpose built platform comes in. Not only do we offer our clients a new, simple and cost-effective way to gather industry-specific salary data unique to their business, but we also improve on the more traditional model above.

Our platform is online, built specifically as a niche service to engage with your industry search traffic. It delivers results in real-time 24-7-365 and can be deployed on a pre-existing website or on its own domain. Enabling professionals within your industry to instantly drill down using a wide range of search criteria from location and job title to years of experience, qualification level, company size and much more.

And it’s not a one size fits all solution – some companies simply want to operate a leading salary survey. Others also want to incorporate banner advertising to generate revenue, while others want to build an entire talent community, attracting candidates and turning their salary survey into a hiring platform. To cater for each scenario, we offer 3 core products, each customised the client’s industry sector(s), branding, locations, currencies and other options they desire.

So, if you’re already operating a salary survey, or considering doing so, perhaps it’s time to get in touch with MySalarySurvey? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01302 288 121 for more details.

Don’t take our word for it, check out our client feedback - http://www.mysalarysurvey.com/testimonials.

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