At MySalarySurvey we’ve taken a complex product and made things simple.

Our service enables you to launch a salary comparison and job board website in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost that would be required to develop it from scratch. Being a fully hosted solution, we also take care of managing your website’s performance, security and uptime so you can focus on running your business.


Website Options

We offer 3 main options; Express, Bespoke & Enterprise. Every customer enjoys the same core set of features no matter what package they choose. The area where we do differentiate our products is in the design & appearance, not in the core functionality.bigstock Man with magnifying glass 11148497

Option 1: Express Sites

Express Sites are ideal where speed of delivery, budget and simplicity are important but without compromising on functionality and performance.

These sites are based around one of our templates to keep production time and costs down. Once you have selected a template, we customise it using your logo, colour scheme, text and images, making it unique to your business. The layout cannot be changed but this allows us to deliver these quality sites at such competitive prices.

Option 2: Bespoke Sites

In the case of a Bespoke Site, we will design your home page from scratch according to your specific requirements and integrate the design with our software.

This option is ideal for companies seeking a more unique and individual look and feel, tailored to your own tastes. The internal pages of the site, such as the search pages, dashboard and so on will adopt our standard format but will be colour coded to match your theme and branding.

Option 3: Enterprise Sites

This solution puts you firmly in the driving seat, allowing you to control every aspect of the design process not only for the home page but also for all internal pages from dashboards and company profiles to job postings, salary profiles and more.

Still using our software as the core foundation, these sites give you free reign to create a completely custom front end design. Typically suited to larger organisations where the budget and resources are available to fully capitalise on this opportunity.

To learn more about our website options and view examples, please contact us.

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