All our websites are hosted using the Amazon EC2 cloud service which provides scaleable (elastic) capacity and is trusted by web giants such as Reddit, Pinterest, Netflix and Expedia to name but a few.bigstock Cloud Connection Flat Line Ico 88268465

We realise that website traffic can fluctuate a lot - from quiet times in the middle of the night, to campaign driven, social media sharing traffic spikes. That’s why we chose AWS’s elastic cloud computing infrastructure that can grow and shrink to meet your needs.

Furthermore, we appreciate that our customers can be anywhere in the world. With AWS we can ensure that we have a data centre hosting your website in any major global region with just a few mouse clicks.

Back Up, Security & Redundancy

When it comes to data back up and security, we use separate Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Storage) volumes and create daily backups of your website and data which are kept for 30 days, allowing us to easily roll back if required. Access control plus encryption offers a robust defence and dependable security strategy for your data.

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